LiquoricePlayer is made in 2 parts:

The Core

The core is closed source at the moment. I haven't decided if it should be open source yet. Maybe later :)
I strive to keep the core small, efficient, portable, with no dependency to other libraries.
FMOD is currently used for playback. I choosed FMOD because it's ported to a lot of platforms and does a lot of things with little work.

The WebUI

The WebUI is where the most work will be done in the future.
It currently is the webpage (where you browse library/queue etc.), the browser panel, and the opera widget.
Since this is done in HTML/CSS/Javascript, it is open source by nature and future development, fixes, themes, additional widgets can be done by anyone.


I hope that i'll sometime get time to add extension support. The idea is to make a framework so that extensions (written in HTML/CSS/Javascript) can be browsed and installed with just a click.
C++ extensions might become reality too but has less priority.

Platform support

Windows is the main development platform, but i regularly compile and test on Linux (and sometimes on MacOS). Writing installers & system integration on Linux isn't really my cup of tea, so help is welcome to get the first release ready.

To do - Highest priority (in no particular order)

There are even more things on the to-do list, but LiquoricePlayer is developed on my spare time so i'll try to focus on the high priority list whenever i get time :)
This is not set in stone. Comments and suggestions are welcome! Any ideas of how to make Liquorice­Player better? Contact me >>