What is it?
Free fast cvs client for Windows, Linux and MacOSX!
Why use it?
It has many small features that makes working with cvs less painful. The UI is very thought through and everything is only a click away. The cvs commandline is also there, all the time.
Instead of focusing on making UI to cover all existing cvs functions, i have focused on making the common stuff fast and easy available.

Some of the features are:

I use cvs a lot, and need a cvs-client that does the simple things i usually do very simple and fast, but still allows for more complex stuff without bloating the UI with endless modal dialogs. I also need a UI for cvs on other platforms than windows. That's why i created MarmaladeCvs.
Price and License
Free. Freeware.
The screenshots below have some hints. There is tooltips. Also, Read the readme-file for keyboard-shortcuts etc.
Screenshots & UI tips!
Look at screenshots for some hints on how the UI works.
Future developement
I don't know how much more i will work on MarmaladeCvs. It fulfills my own requirements, and i can live with the bugs i know about. I guess it depends on the response i get from it being released, and the available time of course.
I have more interesting and challenging projects to work on, but i'll try to get my thumb out, and finish the linux and macos versions soon (which should not be much more than packaging & uploading now i hope).

I have a long list of ideas of features and featurerequests. I sometimes pick one and implements it and makes one or another bugfix. So be sure to check here for updates. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed to get info about new releases!
Author info
Emil (Thanks to timjoh and mrgnu for additional porting and bugfixing!)
Known bugs
Do not forget to subscribe to the RSS feed to get info about new builds.
Use at your own risk.

Latest version:
Release 6 - Updated 25 Jun 2009

Files: Linux 32bit Linux 64bit Windows MacOSX

Older versions: