Simple formula calculator

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Type calculation here. Example: 10 000 + pi * r * r

Quick reference


pi pi is by default set to π (approx. 3.14159265)
pi_2 = π/2
pi_4 = π/4

M_PI = π
M_PI_2 = π/2
M_PI_4 = π/4

M_1_PI = 1/π
M_2_PI = 2/π
M_2_SQRTPI = 2/sqrt(π)
e e is by default set to euler's constant (approx. 2.7182818)
M_E = e
log2e log2e is by default set to the base-2 logarithm of e (approx. 1.442)
M_LOG2E = log2e
log10e log10e is by default set to the base-10 logarithm of e (approx. 0.434)
M_LOG10E = log10e
ln2 ln2 is by default set to the natural logarithm of 2 (approx. 0.693)
M_LN2 = ln2
ln10 ln10 is by default set to the natural logarithm of 10 (approx. 2.302)
M_LN10 = ln10
sqrt2 sqrt2 is by default set to the square root of 2 (approx. 1.414)
M_SQRT2 = sqrt2
sqrt1_2 sqrt1_2 is by default set to the square root of 1/2 (approx. 0.707)
M_SQRT1_2 = sqrt1_2
SHRT_MIN CHAR_MIN minimum signed char value (-128)
CHAR_MAX maximum signed char value (127)
UCHAR_MAX maximum unsigned char value (255)

SHRT_MIN minimum signed short value (-32768)
SHRT_MAX maximum signed short value (32767)
USHRT_MAX maximum unsigned short value (65535)

INT_MIN minimum signed int value (-2147483648)
INT_MAX maximum signed int value (2147483647)
UINT_MAX maximum unsigned int value (4294967295)

LONG_MIN minimum signed long value (-2147483648)
LONG_MAX maximum signed long value (2147483647)
ULONG_MAX maximum unsigned long value (4294967295)

Math functions

absabs(x) Returns the absolute value of a number acosacos(x) Returns the arccosine of a number asinasin(x) Returns the arcsine of a number atanatan(x) Returns the arctangent of x as a numeric value between -PI/2 and PI/2 radians atan2atan2(y,x) Returns the angle theta of an (x,y) point as a numeric value between -PI and PI radians ceilceil(x) Returns the value of a number rounded upwards to the nearest integer coscos(x) Returns the cosine of a number expexp(x) Returns the value of Ex floorfloor(x) Returns the value of a number rounded downwards to the nearest integer loglog(x) Returns the natural logarithm (base E) of a number powpow(x,y) Returns the value of x to the power of y randomrandom() Returns a random number between 0 and 1 roundround(x) Rounds a number to the nearest integer sinsin(x) Returns the sine of a number sqrtsqrt(x) Returns the square root of a number tantan(x) Returns the tangent of an angle

List functions

listlist(a,b [...]) Returns min, max, median, mean and sum of all agruments sumsum(a,b [...]) Returns the sum of all arguments meanmean(a,b [...]) Returns the mean of all arguments medianmedian(a,b [...]) Returns the median of all arguments sortsort(a,b [...]) Returns a sorted array of all arguments (ascending order) sortrsortr(a,b [...]) Returns a sorted array of all arguments (descending order) maxmax(a,b [...]) Returns the number with the highest value
Alias: MAX(a,b [...])
minmin(a,b [...]) Returns the number with the lowest value
Alias: MIN(a,b [...])


Enter = Move calculation to history and clear field.
Up arrow = Get last entry from history.
Space in empty field = Use retval from last calculation.
0x = Input hexadecimal numbers using prefix 0x.


Your calculation, reformatted to be evaluated by javascript. You can edit the javascript here directly if you want.



Input color using # or rgb/rgba. F.ex: #000, #000000, rgb(255,255,255) or rgba(255,255,255,1.0)



Mouse value:

x = 0
y = 0



Data for F4 in x, y format (new line for each point)

X range:

About calc

Created by Emil Segerås. I made it for fun and because i frequently needed something like it. I also wanted to do something with the new CSS properties border-radius and box-shadow :)

The black leather background is inspired from a wallpaper made by adam betts.
The graph use a canvas library called flot.


Suggestions and patches can be mailed!
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