Spaghetti and Marshmallows

Pin marshmallows with uncooked spaghetti and build your way to the next level.
Spaghettis bend, snap and throw your marshmallows to the ground.

Many levels can be solved in many ways. Experimentation is everything!

On level completion, go rampage and bring everything to the ground to a symphony of snapping spaghetti!

Dear spaghetti and marshmallows engineers...

I know many people have been waiting for more levels for a long time. Sorry about that.

For a long time I was unable to work on the game for a number of reasons.

Now I'm sad to say I had to unpublish the game because of trademark issues.

If I ever have the chance to do the necessary changes and republish this game, I'll make sure everyone get all levels for free!

Emil Segerås


That's not going to hold very long...

That's what happens when things do not go so well. Massive breakage!

Those frogs looks suspicious... :)

Rampage! Drop heavy things to break everything to pieces when a level is completed and listen to the symphony of snapping spaghetti!


Design, Programming:

Emil Segerås


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